Turn up the tech in the bathroom.

New technologies are making every room within our home smarter, and the bathroom is no exception. KOHLER® intelligent toilets set themselves apart from traditional toilets with increased cleanliness, comfort and convenience. That’s exactly why interior designer and real estate developer, Anthony Carrino, put a KOHLER Veil® intelligent toilets in both the master bathroom and powder room of his newly refurbished...


When it comes to toilets, it's KOHLER® of course.

Great design and powerful performance never go out of style. KOHLER® toilets are a testament to that, which is why they’ve been a fixture in American homes for over 140 years. Just ask interior designer and real estate developer Anthony Carrino. He’s outfitted all three of the bathrooms in his refurbished firehouse with KOHLER toilets, including a Persuade® Comfort Height®...

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Entertaining Elements / Kitchen

Designed for making guests feel comfortable and welcomed, the thoughtfully designed kitchen includes a Prolific™ workstation sink paired with a Purist® semiprofessional faucet that makes kitchen prep work easy and efficient. To create a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic, designer and homeowner Rebecca Cartwright built a dynamic mosaic of materials, colors and finishes that strikes a delicate balance between modern minimalism and familiar coziness. The warm ambers of the wood floor and ceiling complement the rich, deep teal of the cabinets, with both colors being put into relief by the monochrome grays and whites of the counters, tables and walls. Discover more of the home here.

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