A Time for Fresh

Spring cleaning is a ritual as old as the seasons themselves, but unlike your daily and weekly chores, it’s about much more than simply tidying up around the house. Spring is an opportunity to reconsider your living space and to decide what your home needs in order to become more functional, comfortable and enjoyable for you and your loved ones....

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Good Vibes Kitchen

Ian Stallings’ kitchen design illustrates how one bold color story can cultivate a space that’s buoyant and bright. Not only did he paint the cabinetry a buttery shade of navy blue, but all of the appliances were custom made to fit into the color scheme; the effect is a continuous movement, much like a wave washing over the entire space. The gold hardware, Strive kitchen sink and Purist faucet add pops of metallic playfulness and is an expert example of how to mix metals without creating a clash. The kitchen leads into the family room with more bright, vibrant colors and textures to create a space where a family can come together and enjoy each other’s company.

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