What’s Your Kitchen and Bathroom Design Style?

From blogs to books, design terms like traditional and modern get thrown around a lot and often without context. Take our quick 6-question quiz to find out where you really fit on the design style spectrum.


Which plates would you choose for a dinner party with close friends?


Which table would look perfect in your ideal kitchen?


Which throw pillows would you choose to liven up a space?


Which cabinet style would you feature in your dream kitchen?


Which vases come closest to your favorite design décor?


Which flatware features details that resonate with your personal style?

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Your style is mostly traditional

You prefer your furniture a bit more formal and your architecture grand and ornamented. You’re right at home in bright and airy traditional interiors, but understand that a hint of a modern touch keeps your look fresh. Get inspired for your next project with these traditional kitchens and bathrooms.

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Your style is mostly transitional

You love it all -- a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Your style falls somewhere outside of the detailed decoration of traditional design and the rigid geometry of modernism. Rather, you prefer styles that have more wiggle room for the idiosyncrasies of personal taste – like rustic, organic, boho, or eclectic spaces. See how transitional style comes to life in the kitchen and bathroom.

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Your style is mostly modern

Precise angles, clean lines, unadorned delight – you appreciate forms that follow function. Simplicity and honesty are your design ideals. You believe in design that honors the material and embraces new processes. Discover inspiration for your next project by browsing these modern kitchen and bathroom spaces.

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