a new way of designing how we live

In the Bathroom

shaping space to nurture ourselves

Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. - Charles Eames.

In the Kitchen

creating space to be together

What is HUMANature?

A design philosophy that holds at its core the idea that we are at our best when we find space to reconnect: with ourselves, one another, and nature.

Born out of Kohler’s own trend research and forecasting insights, HUMANature explores how to design living spaces that inspire and nurture our best selves. Scroll to explore how you can approach bathroom and kitchen design through a HUMANature lens.

Reconnect with Yourself

Our lives are tethered to the world through digital spaces. And while it’s liberating to have an endless cache of information at our fingertips, it’s also in our best interest to break from the constant stimulation. You need spaces and moments that allow you to mute the glare and buzz, to come back to center and focus on your health and well-being.

HUMANature Bathroom Design Ideas

How do you design a bathroom that is not only in tune with your lifestyle, but helps shape the way you care for your body and nurture your spirit?

Bring the Look to Life

Close-up of bathroom sink’s tone-on-tone dotted Shagreen surface pattern

Introduce subtle patterns that connect you to the larger natural world.

Contemporary bathroom shower featuring digital controls, a showerhead and handshower.

Incorporate technology where it helps simplify and personalize your daily routine.

Bird’s eye view of simple oval freestanding bath on geometric floor tile pattern

Choose simple forms with clean lines that are visually calming and grounding.

Contemporary bathroom styling space featuring wood vanities and wall tile and taupe hues.

Select a soft color palette that soothes rather than stimulates emotion.

Intelligent toilet with bidet functionality and a modern, wall-hung design in a contemporary bathroom setting

Incorporate an intelligent toilet with bidet cleansing into your self-care and wellness routine.

Modern furniture-style bathroom vanity with customized accessories and storage

Include flexible storage systems to keep your counters and head space clutter-free.

Contemporary bathroom with dual lighted medicine cabinets, wood vanities, and modern faucet designs.

Pair natural light with advanced task lighting that shows you in your best light.

Explore how the Organic Flux bathroom brings HUMANature to life.

Reconnect with One Another

Overscheduled lives and running between work and social obligations can make it difficult to really connect with friends and family. True connection requires time spent face to face. You need spaces and moments that invite you to spend time nourishing yourself and your relationships with good food and conversation.

HUMANature Kitchen Design Ideas

How do you create a kitchen that not only reflects your life, but helps shape the way you cook, share meals and entertain?

Bring the Look to Life

Contemporary kitchen with organic materials and handcrafted elements designed by Stephanie Hollingsworth

Choose organic materials that evoke the long history of human hands shaping nature.

Southwestern adobe style kitchen featuring an intimate fireplace with handwoven basket décor

Consider space for a fireplace, an automatic invitation to connect and share.

Secondary work station with stainless steel prep sink or bar sink and pull-down faucet.

Include multiple work stations so family and friends can enjoy preparing a meal together.

Tribal kitchen design by Stephanie Hollingsworth featuring natural and handcrafted materials

Use windows to keep you connected to the warmth and rhythms of natural light.

Contemporary kitchen designed with a split island and two sinks stations for easy workflow

Plan smart pathways wide enough for multiple people and intuitive workflow.

Basket weave pendant lights hand suspended in a kitchen space designed around HUMANature

Curate handcrafted pieces that offer a connection to human artistry and ingenuity.

Built-in bench seating in a contemporary kitchen designed by Stephanie Hollingsworth

Integrate a variety of comfortable seating areas that invite conversation.

Explore how Stephanie Hollingsworth designed the Tribal Instincts kitchen with HUMANature in mind.

Reconnect with Nature

For so many, the opportunity to experience Nature in a present, fulfilling sense occurs more and more infrequently. Artificial environments keep you in our comfort zone, but in exchange for all the convenience, you may lose some sense of connection to a world larger than yourself. You need spaces and moments that help you sync up with the natural world.

Artifacts Flume spout was designed to connect us to the beauty of water and the significance it holds in our lives.

Touchless faucets allow you to work easily and intuitively making tasks more efficient and leaving more time for one another.

Smart cleansing seats let you add personalized bidet function without replacing the toilet.

Designed for multitasking, the Prolific sink comes with stackable accessories.

Products in Sync with HUMANature

Bring the benefits of HUMANature design to your kitchen and bath with individual products designed to keep you connected.

More HUMANature Inspiration

Explore additional HUMANature room designs, inspiring you to reconnect with yourself, one another and nature.

Transitional style bathroom in a neutral color palette

Explore HUMANature design ideas in the Into the Woods bathroom.

Black Numi toilet in contemporary black bathroom

See how the Midnight Canopy bathroom integrates personalized cleansing.

Open concept small kitchen

Explore Platinum Peaks for design ideas for small kitchens.

Real Rain shower panel in a custom shower

See how you can bring nature inside with the Into the Woods bathroom.

Nature-inspired kitchen with pastel palette

Explore how soft colors bring HUMANature centered design to life in the Copper Cottage kitchen.

Laundry room with apron-front sink and touchless faucet

See HUMANature design at work in the laundry room in Platinum Peaks.

Dramatic technology-rich black and white bathroom

Discover how technology can enhance HUMANature design in the Midnight Canopy bathroom.

Nature-inspired kitchen with mobile island

Discover how tiny kitchens like Copper Cottage can still be gathering places.