A great showerhead has the power to transform your showering routine from a mundane chore to a luxurious spalike experience. Upgrading your shower can impact more than you might realize: from improving your mood to relieving your tension—and even saving you money.

Fortunately, replacing your showerhead is one of the easiest bathroom upgrades that you can make. Today there is an array of options that can help you customize your shower, from smart products to eco-friendly faucets and components. Even better, showerheads are generally easy to install. To highlight quick improvements you can make to your shower experience, Kohler experts have shared five recommendations.


Try Multiple Sprays

A multifunction showerhead offers a variety of spray options all in one fixture. Whether you are looking for a rinse that is massaging, cleansing or soothing, spray options in one showerhead provide an easy solution to creating a customized showering routine. By changing to a multifunction showerhead, you can easily go from an invigorating spray to a soothing rinse. Showerheads such as the KOHLER® Forte provide three distinct sprays including wide coverage, soft aerated and massage spray.

“Choosing a multifunction showerhead makes it easy to switch between different spray options that are designed to deliver a variety of experiences," said Kohler representative, Ashley Springer. “A rinsing spray delivers strong, full coverage that envelops the whole body, while a massaging spray offers a strong stream of water that is great at targeting back and shoulders and relieving sore muscles.”


Add a HydroRail® Shower Column

A HydroRail shower column allows you to easily upgrade your showering experience by turning a single outlet showerhead into a two-outlet custom shower. The best part is that a HyrdoRail shower column can often be installed without having to alter any plumbing behind the wall.

“HydroRails are available in a number of different configurations,” explained Springer. “It’s a great way to easily add a handshower to an existing space. It’s great for targeting particular areas of your body, washing kids and cleaning the shower space, or for turning your showerhead into a rainhead for a spalike experience that encompasses the whole body.”


Go Green

Switching to an eco-friendly showerhead is a simple way to start your transition to a green bathroom. These water-conservation models will not only benefit the environment, they can save you money on water and energy costs.

Springer says that in addition to those savings, you’ll get, “best-in-class sprays and experiences that [you] come to expect with KOHLER products, while doing [your] part to help reduce water consumption.”

Kohler’s line of WaterSense-labeled showerheads and handshowers use 35 percent less water than older models without sacrificing performance.


Add a Water Filter

Recent studies have shown that chlorine in your shower water could be harmful. Adding a handshower filter can help reduce chlorine as well as odors and other contaminants.

“Kohler recently expanded its Aquifer® Filter line to provide a water quality solution beyond the kitchen,” explained Anne van Deventer, who is also a representative for Kohler. Aquifer Shower Filter expertly strips away chemicals and common contaminants, leaving clean, healthy water that you can feel confident about. The shower filter is designed to work with handshowers to reduce chlorine and odor by 75 percent, while also controlling scale and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and algae. With these additives and impurities reduced, the result is water that is gentler on your skin and hair.”


Try a Smart Showerhead

With new smart showerheads and digital showering, customizing your shower experience is easier than ever. Updating your showerhead with a high-tech option like the Moxie® showerhead & wireless speaker will allow you to play your favorite music or podcast while you rinse. You can even pop out the speaker and take it on the go.

KOHLER Konnect™ smart products, such as the KOHLER DTV+™ showering system, allow you to save your settings for sound, water, steam, and lighting.

“With the KOHLER DTV+ showering system with KOHLER Konnect you can personalize your shower routine—from the temperature of the water, to which outlets [you] want flowing when they step in,” said Springer. “Users can access and control their showering routines using a smart assistant or through the KOHLER Konnect app, ensuring the perfect shower every time.”

Whether you are looking to go green or to customize your shower, a showerhead is a simple way to enhance your showering experience and take your bathroom to the next level.