Five features that define modern toilet performance and convenience

A toilet is a toilet is a toilet, right? If you’ve ever had a similar thought while looking down an aisle of identical-looking toilets, you’re not alone. After all, with a few exceptions, they do look basically the same and have for decades. Look a little closer, though, and you will begin to see the difference in the details—and it’s those details that make the difference between a toilet you can “live with” and a toilet that truly delights.


AquaPiston® Technology

Take a peek under the hood and you’ll quickly see that an AquaPiston toilet is a far cry from your everyday flapper mechanism toilet. Engineered to release 360 degrees of water into the bowl, AquaPiston technology replicates the natural arch effect of a waterfall to create our most powerful and thorough gravity-fed flush ever.

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The ContinuousClean system keeps your bowl clean up to five times longer using germ-fighting tablets to automatically clean your toilet with every flush*. An in-tank compartment houses the cleaning tablets and automatically dispenses a user-defined amount of cleaner with each flush. The system works with most commonly found toilet-cleaning tablets and a single two-tablet load can last as long as six months. On top of that, an indicator light lets you know when it’s time for a refill.

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Revolution 360

A flush is all it takes to see that Revolution 360® technology is a game changer. The Revolution 360 design sends the water into the bowl from a single outlet in the rim, circling the bowl with far greater force and surface area coverage than a typical flush, resulting in less residue and a better flush. Toilets with the Revolution 360 design also feature CleanCoat™ surface treatment to help prevent anything from sticking to the bowl, combining to deliver a double dose of cleaning performance.

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Skirted Trapway

If you’ve ever navigated the nooks and crannies of a traditional trapway, you’ll instantly recognize the time- and frustration-saving potential of a skirted trapway. With their sleek looks, skirted trapways replace those hard-to-reach places with a plane of smooth, one-swipe peace of mind. Plus our ReadyLock® system makes installation fast and easy using conventional toilet installation tools.

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The Perfect Height

Although individual height doesn’t always correspond with toilet height preference, finding the height that you prefer can provide a better experience and make it easier to sit and stand. KOHLER offers standard height toilets at up to 17 inches, Comfort Height® toilets from 17 to 19 inches and a tall height toilet at 19 inches. And if you want to get even more precise, KOHLER wall-mount toilets let you install the bowl exactly where you want it while concealing the tank behind the wall.

Reading about these innovative technologies and features can help you understand the benefits of a toilet upgrade, but the best way to fully appreciate them is in person. Find your nearest KOHLER store and come see the difference in the details.

*Compared to toilets without ContinuousClean