The New American Home: Designing for the New American Life

Published: July 23, 2019

If our homes reflect our lifestyles, there’s a lot The New American Home can teach us about the modern American life. An annual project of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), The New American Home showcases state of the art in home technology, efficiency, construction techniques and design. Although a home like this is out of reach for the typical home buyer, it points the way toward cultural trends that will guide home design over the coming years. Plus, many of its elements can be affordably integrated into both new construction and remodel projects.

This year’s home, overlooking the Las Vegas strip, is a testament to an aspirational lifestyle defined by the seamless integration of electronics, a desire to be closer to nature, well-being-focused indulgence and communal time spent with friends and family.


As a symbol for lifestyles defined by the selective sampling of diverse cultures and traditions — made possible through technology — the home’s Las Vegas location is also very fitting. The creative fusion that defines the city’s continual reinvention of itself is on full display in the home’s design, embracing a variety of elements and combining them into something entirely new, yet still very familiar.


Active. Health conscious. Socially connected. Technologically savvy. Intentionally spontaneous. Well-traveled. These are some of the defining traits of modern American life, reflected with style and functionality in the kitchen of The New American Home. An open concept, open-air design is perfect for entertaining friends and family. Smart technologies make everyday tasks more efficient. Clean lines and smooth surfaces make cleaning faster and easier. And that’s just the beginning.


A far cry from the days of simple utilitarianism, today’s master bath has been reinvented as a personal sanctuary — a place to reconnect with one’s self, step out from the hectic flow of life and indulge in a few moments of bliss. From the fireplace and the wet barto the digital shower and the intelligent toilet, the new American master bath is a masterpiece of modern living.


Just as modern life is complex beyond outward appearances, there’s more to this minimalist bathroom than meets the eye. Instead of being cold and impractical, today’s minimalist aesthetic is inviting and highly functional. Soft pastels and warm metal finishes give off a fresh, coastal vibe, while a wall-hung vanity, one-piece toilet and floor-to-ceiling glass shower panels make cleaning fast and easy.


Retractable doors that open out to a scenic vista, dual massage chairs and a high-tech adjoining bathroom are just a few of the clues that the modern concept of exercise is just as much about personal fulfillment on a mental and spiritual level as it is about building muscles and working up a sweat.