Water is essential for all life. And, at KOHLER, water is essential for everything we do. From water-saving products to life-saving programs, we are developing innovative ways to improve safe-water accessibility, filtration, and conservation around the world. Our commitment is Safe Water for All.



The Difference a Shower Can Make

The ability to take a shower is nothing to be taken for granted. Kohler is partnering with World Vision, Adventist Health, and Showers of Hope to provide showering resources and hygiene supplies to populations in need throughout Los Angeles. The KOHLER Relief trailer will triple the number of showers available for use and provide additional sinks and changing spaces to serve 1,200 people a month. Watch this video to learn more about the difference a shower can make.



Global Handwashing Day – October 15

For those without access to proper handwashing, infectious diseases can be a fatal health threat—especially for young children. Handwashing with soap is among the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent these diseases. In short, this simple act can help save lives. See how one Kohler associate developed a wrist-operated handwashing device and tapped Kohler’s innovation incubator program, I-Prize, to help scale-up the handwashing solution for even greater good.



Safe Water for Your Home

Whether at the sink or in the shower, you and your family deserve the highest quality water. KOHLER Aquifer water quality test kits offer valuable insights on your water. From there, our Aquifer water-filtration systems purify your home’s water from contaminants, so you can drink, shower and use water with confidence. Explore all of our water filtration solutions - in the sink, in the shower, and on the go.



Make Safe Water on the Go

On the field, the camping site or on the back patio, KOHLER® Clarity Explore™ is so much more than a water cooler. This portable, 6-gallon, gravity-fed water filtration system is designed to provide safe drinking water wherever you go. Filter out more than 99% of bacteria, viruses and lead and over 96% of chlorine from water. The portable system is incredibly simple to use and maintain with replacement filters.



Designed to Conserve

Our WaterSense toilets, water-saving showerheads, and water-saving faucets are designed to conserve without sacrificing performance or style. Save water, help the planet, and enjoy your shower. The smaller water bill isn’t too bad either.



Run for Safe Water

Many women and children in vulnerable communities walk miles every day to source water for drinking, bathing and cooking. And the water quality is questionable at best. How can you help? Let’s Run for Safe Water! Join thousands of participants from around the world in our month-long virtual run/walk challenge starting October 1. Kohler will match $1 USD for every kilometer logged, raising up to $200,000 for safe water efforts around the globe. Register on Strava for the KOHLER Run for Safe Water month-long challenge starting October 1, and visit our Run for Safe Water page for more details.



Assists on Goal

We’re proud to partner with Manchester United in driving awareness and developing solutions to bring safe water and sanitation to communities in need. See how we’re working together to score a win for Safe Water for All.