3dbbf82ea79d7656c5ebbc38b53cef05edfeaac3.jpgA morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. From smart shower systems to thoughtful shelf organization, designing a personalized space can help you create the literal blueprint for a positive day.

For advice on optimizing morning routines, we asked three experts for their bathroom design tips.

7a15372f2361b2a95342383aca21ec356e5bf298.jpg“I suggest a Bluetooth® music set up in the bathroom to make your daily routine more fun,” said interior designer Kim Lewis. “When I turn on the Parisian cafe jazz, my husband knows I'll probably be soaking for longer than usual.”

A quick way to get in the groove every morning is to listen to your favorite songs. The Moxie® showerhead includes a wireless speaker that can stream audio from your smart devices while you shower. Research has found that listening to music can lower stress and improve overall health, making it a great way to get your day started right.

188c2f8f934514bd6eb8baa67f24c607a0b7781e.jpgUpgrade Your Showerhead

Since many people start their day with a shower, it is important to make the most of your shower setup. The right showerhead can help you feel energized and ready to take on the day.

“Changing out the showerhead can be a simple solution to creating a more luxurious experience in the bathroom,” said Lewis.

Showers that include the KOHLER® Awaken shower faucet kit offer multiple options for spalike spray experiences. You can choose from the overhead rinse, the handshower or both.

“Water pressure, good control and flexibility [are what I look for in showerheads],” Theresa Casey of Casey Design Planning Group Inc explained. “I suggest having a handshower, as well as a fixed showerhead and a rainhead, with controls that are comfortable and easy to use.”

f2960a4517c0e32b7a5658bd1b3e110096575907.jpgKeep Things Organized

“Look at stainless shower baskets, pretty stackable boxes for open shelves, applied organizational accessories and other hanging shelving alternatives to help compartmentalize and thoughtfully arrange products, towel and toiletry storage,” said Drew McGukin of Drew McGukin Interiors.

An organized bathroom will not only keep things running smooth during your morning routine, but also help create a serene space. Consider adding Tailored® vanity accessories, such as in-drawer organizers, and shower shelves to keep things in order.

“If everything you need can be tucked away while easily within reach, then your bathroom can feel equal parts fresh, clean and functional,” added McGukin.

fc07dbd0b0afdedd5154981fc31c440e0bf1c4d7.jpgFreshen Up Your Faucets

“Washing my face twice a day is a nonnegotiable part of the routine, so the sink and faucet combination is important to me,” said Lewis. “Ergonomics, texture and color of the fixtures all play an important role here.”

With so many faucet options from sleek single-handles to traditional two-handle designs, it’s easy to find one that will fit your personal needs and your design style. A quick fixture change can enhance the look of your space, but it can also help to simplify your morning routine. When you wash your face, for example, does your head occasionally bump into the faucet or do you get water all over your sink? If you find that your faucet is not facilitating your bathroom routine, an upgrade might be in order.

“If you feel scattered as you head out this can have a trickle effect into your day,” said Casey, who suggests making sure every element — from your faucets to your storage — has high functionality. “Taking care of yourself sets up a solid foundation for the day.”