There are few items in the home that we have such close contact with on a routine basis as the toilet seat. Yet for most people, a toilet seat is a toilet seat, and the only time they think about theirs is when it needs retightening. But are all seats really created equal? Short answer: not even close. Let’s take a look at some of the toilet seat features that can enhance your daily experience and change your opinion on the status of the seat.


Cleansing Seats
Available in a wide range of features and price points, a cleansing seat might be the easiest, most impactful enhancement you can make to your bathroom experience. They offer a fresh feeling that toilet tissue alone simply can’t match, and some models also offer warm-air drying, heated seats and other unexpected creature comforts.

Our Purefresh® deodorizing seat uses a whisper-quiet, battery-powered fan to neutralize odors in the bowl by channeling them through a chamber with activated carbon and releasing a light, fresh scent.


Quiet-Close™ Functionality Anyone who has inadvertently slammed the seat or accidentally pinched their fingers needs no explanation of the benefits of a slow-close seat. But Kohler doesn’t stop there. The innovative hinge design on KOHLER Quiet-Close seats removes the gap between the lid and seat at the hinge point, preventing debris from falling through and keeping the toilet clean longer. Grip-tight bumpers help keep the seat firmly in place on the bowl’s rim, adding an extra level of durability and stability.

Quick-Release™ Technology Cleaning the bathroom is no one’s idea of a good time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the chore a little less burdensome. Toilet seats with quick-release hinges let you remove the seat in seconds, eliminating the nooks and crannies that are always the most tedious and frustrating part of the job.


Turning on a bright light in the middle of the night can be a jarring experience and even make it difficult to fall back to sleep. Seats with integrated nightlights project a soft blue light into the bowl that lets you easily find the toilet without illuminating the rest of the room (and ruining the rest of your sleep).

Upgrading your toilet’s seat might not be the first thing you think of when looking to improve your bathroom, but doing so offers an easy, affordable way to make your daily routine just a bit more enjoyable while creating an experience that is cleaner, more comfortable and more convenient. Cheers to the little victories.