They say the kitchen is the heart of your home, and if delicious food and beverages are the lifeblood of a good party, that axiom is never truer than during the holidays. But just like that gym membership you had every intention of using, keeping your home’s center in tip-top shape often takes more time than there is in any given day. Thankfully, getting your kitchen ready to churn out meal after delicious meal—and looking beautiful while doing so—isn’t as difficult as adding more hours to the day or making the most of that gym membership.


Cutting boards

Next to a proper chef’s knife, a solid, flat, easy-to-clean cutting board is one of those unassuming kitchen pleasures you simply can’t appreciate until you’ve used one. And if it looks beautiful and fits snugly into your sink or wraps over your countertop, all the better.


Touchless faucets

Sharing a laugh at the holidays is great. Sharing the eggy batter caked to your hands? Not so much. Touchless faucets can help save precious time and make meal prep and clean up easier and more enjoyable.


Soap dispensers

While you’re not making a mess of your touchless faucet, go ahead and lather your hands with a new soap dispenser. Choose from elegant counter-mounted models with finishes to match your faucet, or keep with the theme and opt for a convenient touchless model.



It’s the little things that make the holidays special. A shared laugh. Homemade cookies. A perfectly balanced, ergonomic squeegee that doubles as a countertop broom. Savor those moments with kitchen accessories that shave time off tasks and help keep everything a little more organized.

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