Intelligent toilets create new levels of comfort and cleanliness, but with their tankless design and minimalist aesthetic, it’s easy to assume they are only suited to ultramodern bathrooms. In truth, KOHLER® intelligent toilets are available in a range of styles that allow them to complement any bathroom design style while offering an unparalleled experience of comfort and convenience.


For bathrooms with a more traditional aesthetic, the Karing® intelligent toilet offers rounded contours and a gently sloping profile that pairs well with the flowing lines and fine details of traditional designs. The stark white and smooth curves of the Karing toilet also offer a balanced counterpoint to bold patterns and mixed materials.


On the other end of the spectrum, the Numi® intelligent toilet, with its sharp edges, integrated lighting and dramatic angles, makes the perfect statement piece in a contemporary bathroom design. Available in either White or Honed Black, the Numi toilet offers a range of modern design possibilities.


Between those two options, the Veil® and Eir™ intelligent toilets offer versatile options that could be used in designs ranging from traditional through modern.

Of course, design versatility is not the only benefit of an intelligent toilet. The first thing you’ll notice about an intelligent toilet is its hands-free functionality. It opens automatically when you approach, and flushes and closes when you are done, adding a sense of luxury and convenience while reducing the spread of germs.


Cleanliness is one of the signature benefits of an intelligent toilet, but it’s not just the integrated personal cleansing wand and warm-air drying. KOHLER intelligent toilets are also designed to keep themselves clean and the bathroom fresh. The cleansing wand is sanitized with powerful UV light and electrolyzed water before and after each use, and certain models offer a misting function that sprays the bowl before use to help ensure a cleaner flush with less residue. On top of that? The seat features an automatic deodorizer to keep odors to a minimum.

An intelligent toilet also offers comfort and convenience beyond that of an ordinary toilet. From the heated seat that provides warmth no matter the room’s temperature, to the integrated nightlight that helps guide you in the dark and reduce sleep disturbance, once you’ve tried an intelligent toilet, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

The best way to appreciate the benefits of an intelligent toilet is to see one in-person at a KOHLER Signature Store or KOHLER Experience Center, which have working floor models for you to explore the full range of functions and customization options. If you don’t live near one of those stores, some showrooms also have working models. Our store finder can help you find your closest option.