JUNE 26 // @rightmeetsleftinteriordesign joined us to discuss the ways in which design sparks joy, and gave advice on how to effectively navigate career changes.

BACKGROUND // Courtney is the founder and principal of Right Meets Left Interior Design, an award-winning studio located in Manhattan's Flatiron District, where she creates balance for her clients by offering innovative and analytical design solutions.



JUNE 15 // @keiamcswain, president of the Black Interior Designers Network, joined us to talk design, community and the impacts of change. Watch the full interview on IGTV.

ON COURTING YOUR SPACE // "I recharge a lot by discovering things within my home that I might not have known prior… Or just moving that vase around a billion times till you find the right space for it… There are things I do to court my space, and I think that everyone should court their space and not feel like you have to rush into anything… Figure out what’s going to work for you instead of making some hasty decision."



MAY 27 // @carrinoanthony joined us to discuss his passion for mixing the old with the new. Watch the full interview on IGTV.

BACKGROUND // Anthony has been a designer and contractor for nearly 20 years, and has recently renovated the Hook & Ladder #3, a nineteenth-century firehouse located in Jersey City.



MAY 20 // @hommeboys joined us from Wine Country where we discussed how they collaborate and operate as a design team. Watch the full interview on IGTV.

BACKGROUND // Austin and Alex are home builders by day and interior designers by night. They live in Sonoma where they spend their time building furniture, nurturing plants and "casually defeating the color beige."



MAY 15 // @bobby joined us from Los Angeles to talk his tips and tricks for staying inspired. Watch the full interview on IGTV, and be sure to check out Bobby's makeover of his parents' home.

BACKGROUND // In addition to hosting the hit Netflix series "Queer Eye," Bobby has built a career as an interior designer and leads his full-service firm that serves residential, commercial and hospitality clientele.



MAY 8 // @workshopapd co-founder Matt Burman joined us to discuss how he and his studio meet the design challenges of today..

BACKGROUND // As one of the founding members of award-winning and multidisciplinary design studio Workshop/APD, Matt stays more than busy with projects of all kinds.



MAY 4 // @studiomcgee joined us to discuss ways to make today beautiful. If you're looking for product inspiration, be sure to check out this batch of Shea's favorites.

ON FINDING INSPIRATION // “We look all over… there’s abstract inspiration where just traveling somewhere can reinvigorate your senses in your ideas. You can step away from a screen for a moment and come back feeling recharged. But then there is color palette inspiration. I love looking to florals and nature."



MAY 1 // @chipwade joined us to discuss what it means to be a maker today.

ON DIGITAL SHOWERING // "I'm telling you, this is the year of the digital shower... It’s one of the things in my house here, I have a DTV plus in the home I'm in right now and it is the thing I look forward to the most when I come home besides my wife and my children. Because, it’s amazing! You’re like, WOW, I have been missing out on what a shower can be my whole entire life."



APR 27 // @degiuliodesign joined us to discuss what connects kitchen design around the world. Be sure to explore Mick's chef-inspired sink collection with KALLISTA.

BACKGROUND // Inducted into the Merchandise Mart Hall of Fame in 2016, Mick is a kitchen specialist who has spent 45 years designing for distinctive residences and brands.



APRIL 24 // @carawoodhouseinteriors joined us to discuss what's next in modern design.

ON THE USE OF COLOR // "I always say I love a little pop of eye candy and something fun, something intriguing, a piece that really just draws attention to [the room] in a cool way. And I always love creating, not just for a look, but an experience. When you walk into a space, you actually are engaging an experience in a room. It evokes a feeling for you."



APRIL 20 // @mrsparanjape joined us to discuss her design approach for luxury residences.

ON DESIGNING FOR LIVABILITY // "It's everything. It's numbers one through ninety-nine and pretty is number 100. So we're going to layer all of the practical things [our clients need] all the way through… So, if they have accessibility issues then we've already planned that through. If they have a really large family, we've thought that through... So we're doing all of that before we're getting to what color paint we'll be using on the walls."



APR 17 // @stevexgold joined us to discuss his life and career in high-end real estate.

ON ANTICIPATING CLIENT NEEDS // "What I love about [real estate] is the emotional connection you make with your clients. And even the buyers who come through and you show them an apartment, you see what they like, you see what they don't like... The personal touch I think is what separates good brokers from great brokers and how they could kind of see the need without having the client tell them."



APRIL 13 // @aft_construction joined us to discuss adapting to client needs and the importance of building the right team.

ON TIMELESSNESS // "The goal would be in a hundred years from now, that [your] home is still timeless and someone else is using [your] house as a [design reference]…there's so many homes out there that have stood the test of time and really work. And now it's just taking those philosophies and understandings and then putting it together with all the current technology and selections that we have now."



APRIL 10 // @chrislovesjulia joined us to discuss designing with patience and gratitude. For more Chris and Julia design advice, explore their take on colors, materials and finishes.

ON RESPECTING YOUR BUDGET // "Don't overextend yourself... We never start a project until we have all of the money to do the entire place. I think that is kind of the safest way to go about it... The whole time that you're saving money, you can be picking out pieces and you can be pricing things out and sometimes things will go on sale and you can use part of your saved budget on that one piece that you know you're going to have, and then you kind of store it until you're ready for the whole thing."



APRIL 6 // @rayboothdesign joined us to discuss how he finds inspiration and how he works to meaningfully connect with clients. For another dose of inspiration, check out Ray's Cape Cod summer residence.

ON DESIGNING FOR MEANING // "How can we design in a way that hits [our clients] in the heart? That becomes something that they're emotionally connected to? That's not just not just a sense of beauty. Beauty is great. Beauty is a byproduct. We all want to achieve beauty, but it shouldn't be the main goal. The main goal should be, how do you listen to your clients? How do you find that little seed of something that matters to them that they care about, that they define as joy? And how do you grow that seed into some sort of design for them? And I think when you're in an environment that's evidence of that, it has a greater resonance on lots of levels beyond just what we see."



APRIL 3 // @jeanstofferdesign joined us to discuss designing for family and her love of British-style kitchens.

ON THE OPEN KITCHEN // "Whether it's cooking with [your kids] -- which is a great way to learn all kinds of things like measuring and fractions and weights... There's a lot of really hands-on ways to teach in a kitchen. And so there needs to be a great place for kids to spread out and to learn, and that [the kitchen] might be open to another part of the house, so that maybe an older child that's working at a table or a baby that's in another area crawling can be seen… I think the open concept kitchen is kind of here to stay."