Hampton Designer Showhouse 2018: Coastal Glam

Updated: November 14, 2018

Exterior of the Hampton Designer Showhouse 2018

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to coastal chic? The 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse implores you to think again. Each year expert designers flock to Southampton to transform one home into the must-see event of the summer to benefit Southampton Hospital.

The Hamptons have long been the playground for East Coasters looking for a relaxing getaway. Nestled in this idyllic landscape, this vacation home defies nautical stereotypes and brings a refreshing, new perspective to this style of design. The dreamy elegance seen throughout the house has something to inspire everyone, whether you live near a coast or not. The home is aspirational for most, but despite its grandeur, it remains delightfully functional.

High ceilings and plenty of natural light complete the look of this stunning great room.

Cozy nooks, elegant fixtures and colorful surprises make it easy to imagine oneself spending a gleeful summer within these walls. Step into the kitchen and you’ll instantly envision whipping up dinner, or walk into one of two master suites and you can almost see yourself soaking in a bath, devouring the summer’s best novel. This is where dreams take off and land, making it a one-of-a-kind place to explore.

The 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse master bathroom boasts a large floor plan that might have felt stark had it not been in the capable hands of Long Island native Susan Petrie. The playful jellyfish wallpaper immediately sparks a tone of whimsy to usher visitors into a relaxing experience. The wallpaper pattern is bold, but its repetitive nature remains sleek—extending it to the ceiling gives the illusion of being submerged underwater. Petrie integrates high-tech upgrades such as KOHLER® DTV+™ and Real Rain® overhead shower panel to subtly turn traditional showering into a modern experience. Her predilection for contemporary design with a twist is evident throughout the room, and Petrie makes a refreshing juxtaposition with chic city style in this beachfront property.


Whether leisurely sipping coffee or whipping up a gourmet dinner, this delightful kitchen from Designs by Fernando is a stunning backdrop to start or end the day. Taking advantage of the large, open-concept footprint, each area is equal parts functional and invigorating. Perhaps the most exciting element is the unique installation of not one but two KOHLER® Karbon faucets over the spacious KOHLER Prolific® sink. With double the amount of space usually reserved for a sink, there’s more room for whatever task is at hand. The kitchen feels bright and airy with pops of blues to complement the glistening white cabinetry. Sunlight pours into the room and the kitchen even leads to a picturesque outdoor area perfect for sipping cocktails and soaking up summer in Southampton.


Shay Geyer of IBB Design puts this junior master suite on the cutting edge of design with innovative amenities and coordinated decor. The KOHLER Ceric® freestanding bath provides luxurious comfort beneath large open windows and the blue, geometric wallpaper creates a serene yet energetic tone. A real rain overhead panel adds a refreshing component to the showering experience. In her design, Geyer ensures that every element of routine has been built to be more satisfying and seamless than ever before.