EVERY DAD IS DIFFERENT // There are playful dads. Handy-around-the-house dads. Artsy dads. Down-to-earth dads. Techie dads. Funny dads. Dads who aren’t funny but think they are. (Actually, that might apply to all dads.) Let’s celebrate each and every one of them with a gift that matches your type of dad..


FOR THE KING OF THE KITCHEN // Is the kitchen your dad’s kingdom? Give him what he needs to prep, cook and clean like the Chef de Cuisine he is (or thinks he is) and treat him to a touchless faucet. The hands-free operation will have dad speeding through kitchen tasks—and will leave the kitchen cleaner in his wake. Add a sink with accessories, and he’ll think he stepped into a professional kitchen. The bamboo cutting board, grated racks, colander and washbin all stack and slide on ledges for easy access and a well-organized workstation.


FOR THE TECH TITAN // Does your dad have to have all the coolest tech? No problem. Look no further than a Veil® intelligent toilet that opens automatically when he approaches it. Plus, it has an automatic flush, heated seat and more that’s all controlled with a touch-screen remote. Dad will love the PureWarmth® heated toilet seat not only because it’ll keep him comfy on cold mornings, but also because he can control the settings through his smartphone. Dial up dad’s tech in the kitchen with a KOHLER Konnect® faucet featuring voice assistance. Dad can ask it to measure out the perfect amount of water for his morning coffee. Or blow his mind with a mirror he can talk to while getting ready for the day. The Verdera® voice lighted mirror with Amazon Alexa will play music, weather, news—and even dad jokes—on command.


FOR THE WORKOUT WARRIOR // After dad hits the weights, track, field or court, he can rejuvenate at home with the muscle massaging jets of a whirlpool bath. If dad’s favorite part of going to the gym is sitting in the sauna for half an hour (and let’s be honest, it probably is), then a DTV+™ digital shower with steam functionality will make him wonder why he ever left home in the first place. Tap into the music, signature spray experiences and more, and gently relax dad into a puddle.


FOR THE DIY GUY // Are Saturday afternoon DIY projects your dad’s thing? Then we have exactly what he needs to make quick fixes and lasting impressions around the house. A Quiet-Close™ toilet seat is easy to install and keeps the seat and lid from slamming for much needed peace and quiet. Take his seat experience up a notch and introduce him to a new level of cleanliness with a bidet toilet seat. Once dad has used it, he’ll wonder how he ever lived without it. Looking for another simple upgrade that will have dad feeling pampered with every shower? A showerhead with Katalyst® technology. If your DIY dad is feeling slightly more ambitious, he can easily revamp the whole shower experience with a HydroRail® shower column. It can be installed in under an hour without having to go behind the wall to reroute plumbing.


FOR THE CONTROLLER OF CHAOS // If your dad likes to have a place for everything, then he’ll love the Jute® vanity. It allows him to customize storage with clever in-door and in-drawer accessories. Help keep him organized and well-groomed with the adjustable shelves and magnifying mirror of the Verdera® medicine cabinet. If a cluttered bathroom countertop gives dad a headache, the Bente™ accessory collection will keep it coordinated with a soap dispenser, tumbler and lidded canister that nest on a wooden tray.


FOR THE MAN WITH BIG PLANS // Does your dad have big design plans for the bathroom but knows he’s in a little over his head when it comes to making it happen? Then Bathroom Design Service is perfect for him. A Kohler designer will give him expert advice, product recommendations and photorealistic renderings to bring his vision to life—all from the comfort of his couch.