Style trends come and go, but great design is timeless. When contemplating a major bathroom build or remodel, it’s a good idea to think beyond the basics and your immediate needs in order to create something that will continue to indulge and delight you in all of life’s seasons.

Designing your timeless bathroom means building your ultimate bathroom — one that makes luxury spa and hotel bathrooms pale in comparison — and also creating a space that will be adaptable to future technologies and potential accessibility needs.


Have Fun, Think Big
The first thing to remember to do is to have fun with the process. Forget about what you need; think about what you want. Dream big. Indulge those fantasies. Make a list of everything—yes, everything— that you might consider in your ideal bathroom. A shower with integrated steam, sprays, lighting and music? Check. Sleek glass enclosures, skylights, 360-degree lighted mirrors, floating vanities? Check, check. At this stage, nothing is off limits. The bathroom is arguably the most important room in the home from a well-being perspective. Turn yours into a getaway, a sanctuary that will delight you for years to come.

As we all know, the warm glow of infinite possibility can’t last forever. Once you have your wish list assembled, sort your favorite features into “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves,” begin to price everything out, and compare your list to your budget. It’s also a good rule of thumb to plan a contingency budget of 10-15% for any unexpected construction details. Just remember, if you do this right, you’ll only have to do it once.


Design for “Easy to Clean”
Speaking of doing it right, it’s always a good strategy to think long-term. Cleaning the bathroom is no one’s favorite chore, so why not lighten the burden by designing yours to be easy to clean? Skirted toilets, self-cleaning toilets, Choreograph shower walls, low-maintenance tile and nonporous countertop surfaces make cleaning easier and help increase the longevity of your bathroom fixtures. Wall-mounted bathroom sink faucets, for example, while striking in appearance and style, also have the added benefit of being easier to clean and make the vanity top easier to clean as well. Paying attention to little details like these up front can improve your daily experience and enhance your routine.


Planning for smart technology is also something to keep in mind as you design your timeless bathroom as anticipating future updates can save you money down the road. Digital showering, intelligent toilets and other advances are already on their way to becoming commonplace items. When it comes to the shower space, digital controls offer reduced trim, precise temperature control, water savings with timed settings, and even the ability to control the shower with your voice. It’s also important to remember that integrating the appropriate plumbing and electrical connections will make it easier to incorporate smart products now or in the future. For instance, installing an outlet near the toilet area will enable you to reap the benefits of intelligent models and cleansing seats without having to creatively route any extension cords.


Accessible Design
Another design note to take into consideration is that as you age, your bathroom should be able to adapt to your changing needs and preferences. Accessible design is a principle that allows a bathroom to accommodate the needs of the vast majority of people, and Kohler offers a range of options (Comfort Height® toilets, shower barres, walk-in baths, etc.) that meet accessible design criteria, offering functional benefits for everyone without sacrificing style and beauty.


Know When to Say When
Finally, it’s beyond okay to ask for help. Any bathroom redesign can be a delicate balancing act, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices and possibilities. The KOHLER Bathroom Design Service pairs you with one of our professional designers who will walk you through every step of the process and provide you with design solutions that will save you time and money along the way. The entire process takes place online from the comfort of your own home, and at the end you’ll receive a photo-realistic rendering of your new bathroom along with color, material and finish samples, as well as a shopping list to help you get started and to allow you to organize your budget. Our experts can even help you find a reputable contractor to bring your project across the finish line.

Above all, the most important thing about your timeless bathroom is that it’s yours. It should be a reflection of you, your needs and your tastes. After all, you’re the one who will be enjoying it for years and years to come.