Based in New York City and active in the design field for more than three decades, Gail Green is the founder and principal of Gail Green Interiors. Green's residential design has been showcased in a plethora of high-profile shelter publications, including House Beautiful, House & Garden, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, and The New York Times Magazine.

Green is a prolific writer on an array of subjects, including art, antiques, wine, and luxury goods. She recently published a book on interior design for small spaces. Green was a featured designer in the 2015 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, where she showed her love of bold pattern in a powder room that celebrates the work of the late artist Keith Haring.


Inspired by the bold visual beauty and graphic imagery of Haring’s artwork, Green designed her Kips Bay powder room around a new ceramic tile collection from Ascot called Game of Fifteen. A tribute to the master graffiti artist, the tiles have anthropomorphic-like themes that are graphic and poignant. "At a distance, they form a pattern; up close, they form a story," says Green.

Also featured in Green's room are a bright red circular mirror and a whimsical winged wall sconce. The white tiles on the side walls and the simple forms of the pedestal sink and toilet complement the geometry of Haring’s work.


Veil Intelligent toilet / Stance faucet / Rêve pedestal sink

Q&A With Gail Green

Have you been seeing a return to color, pattern, and decoration in interior design?

I see a return to primary colors and a more purist perspective. Patterns are more graphic and simple.

When conceiving a bathroom design, where do you start?

I’m usually inspired by one single element--usually tile, because it is often the more graphic of any of the other parts of the bathroom. I love incorporating tiles into my designs. They are durable, easy to clean, and can be made from a range of materials. They can also help a space appear more expansive and balanced.

How do you make a bathroom feel larger than it is?

I identify which parts of the room are out of balance. For instance, if the space is tall and narrow, I will drop the ceiling height, thereby giving the illusion of the side walls thrusting out. If the ceiling is low, I would recommend painting it a light color. An integrated toilet and bidet is ideal in a smaller bath, where you don’t have space for an extra fixture. Proper and proportional lighting is essential in small bathrooms. Good clean and strong light on either side of the front facing mirror is great.

Where do you look to gain continuous inspiration for your work?

Paintings and jewelry provide concrete and continuous inspiration. Both art forms tell a story that evolves the closer one looks at their details. They seem to draw the observer in, while giving back a subliminal vision of beauty and idea.

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