California Dream Home

Updated: October 11, 2018


The Anderson family in their newly remodeled home.

It’s quite unusual to tuck your clients into bed at night, but that’s exactly what architect Anthony Anderson did during the two years of designing and executing his latest project: a whole home renovation for his family. Anthony, his design savvy wife, Eve, and their two young children needed to make some modern updates to their beautiful midcentury house before it was move-in ready.

Anthony and Eve took inspiration from the gorgeous California weather, their commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, and, most importantly, how would the people, big and small, be inhabiting the rooms. “As an architect, [Anthony] looks at the experience of a room as how does the space unfold. What’s it like to walk through it?” Constantly keeping this mantra top of mind helped guide the design process at every juncture so they could create customized spaces that would best serve them as a family.

Unafraid to change layouts, add windows or skylights, and even construct a guest home, the family knew that making bold decisions would serve them well in the long run. The process took over two years to complete and the littlest clients had grown quite a bit. If you ask all of them, though, this stunning and functional home was well worth the wait.


Exterior of the home before the remodel.


Exterior of the home after the remodel.

Speaking of their personal style, Anthony explains that Eve is the practical one because “she’ll think about how we are going to use this as a family and then that informs our design choices.” This emphasis on livability meant that each room was personalized for the exact way it would be used. In this way, the beauty and luxury of details like fixture finishes and tile patterns had more meaning. Because of these considerations, the family can enjoy living in a home that feels intuitive and predicts their needs.


Before the kitchen remodel.


After the kitchen remodel. The family altered the layout and updated the style to match their modern take on midcentury design.

Like in most homes, Anthony and Eve knew their kitchen would be the hub of the household both in everyday life and when socializing with visitors. The galley-style kitchen was already perfect for entertaining but they repositioned the sink and placed it in their island for the best of both worlds: “We can see our guests at the [kitchen] island and our kids in the pool at the same time.”


Built-in accessories make this kitchen sink more functional and organized.


The Sensate Touchless Faucet allows technology to make everyday tasks go more smoothly.

The Kohler Sensate touchless faucet still feels like a “magic trick” to Anthony, illustrating how technological innovations can make daily tasks easier and more enjoyable. Knowing that a constant churn of dishes has a tendency to overwhelm smaller sinks, they chose a deep Kohler sink that could handle the load with ease. Integrated accessories like a built-in drying rack provide more counter top real estate for cooking or entertaining.


Before the kids’ bathroom remodel.


After the kids’ bathroom remodel.

With young children to bathe, Eve and Anthony specifically chose materials that would hold up to their lifestyle. “[Eve] was imagining an art space for the kids where they could make a mess and it wouldn’t ruin the tile or the grout.” Ensuring all surfaces were easy to clean was a big consideration for this on-the-go family, but that didn’t overtake their style or taste. They balanced practicality with the elegance of Ann Sacks tiles used across the different spaces to create playful patterns and enhance the artistry of each space. Unique shapes and a palette of subdued earth tones made big impacts on all the finishes in each bathroom and kept the midcentury style alive while pushing it into the modern era.



The pool and guest house make for a gorgeous backyard where the family and guests can soak up the California sunshine.


Extended guests can enjoy their own space in the new guest house addition.


The Andersons updated many of the bathrooms in their home to modernize them and to make the family’s routine feel more energetic and exciting. Many of the ceilings in these rooms were lower than in other parts of the house and that only made them feel smaller. Anthony inserted skylights and larger windows to increase the amount of sun and light in the master bathroom. The master suite also has a connected outdoor courtyard that provides privacy and furthers the indoor, outdoor floor plan common in warm climates. Anthony refers to this as his “Palm Springs moment:” the extension of the master bedroom into the garden has a restorative feel.


With reliably temperate weather all year long, the family anticipated that guests would be coming for extended stays. Accordingly, they added a two-story carriage home that both respected the existing landscape and added a necessary addition to their home. Anthony stayed deferential to the hillside and existing landscape which guided his decision to use a gray water system. The kid’s daily baths can contribute to watering the lawn, establishing a mutually beneficial respect between the family and their environment. The Anderson family’s precision allowed them to create their ideal space and they’re excited to make memories for years to come.