The toilet is one of the most important fixtures in your home. Throughout our lives, we will spend roughly a year and a half in the bathroom. So, when shopping for a new toilet it is important to make sure it meets all of your personal needs.

Today, toilets can offer an array of options when it comes to comfort, interactivity, and eco-friendliness that can help you create your dream bathroom. To help you pick your perfect toilet, we’ve asked design experts to share their tips for buying a new toilet.


When planning your bathroom space, you’ll want to have at least 15-18 inches from the centerline of the toilet to any wall or obstacle,” Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab said. “Also plan for at least 30 inches from the front edge of your sink, tub or vanity area. If you are working with a particularly small bathroom, pay close attention to the size of the toilet — often a more compact size is ideal.”

When it comes to types of toilet, there are two main choices: do you want a two-piece or a one-piece toilet? The standard toilet in most people’s homes is two pieces, consisting of a bowl and a tank that are separate. With a one-piece toilet, the bowl and tank are fused together for a more seamless design and easier cleaning.

“Yes, it is a toilet, but it can be an impactful design element as well,” Kelly said. “Sleek sided toilets have become quite popular for their aesthetics and low maintenance. Not only does this style of toilet hide the unsightly outline of the plumbing, it also makes cleaning so much easier—no more nooks and crannies, just a clean side profile all the way to the floor.”


One-piece toilets can also come in a space-saving round bowl option like the Kohler Karing, or in an elongated wall hang option like the Kohler Veil. While the round bowl can take up less space, some prefer the comfort of the oval shape. The design of the toilet, whether it is sleek and modern, or traditional and decorative, can help set the tone for the rest of your bathroom.

Consider an eco-friendly flushd6841474e0f8a653c16fc46954ea69c4329602e2.jpg

“I like the smart toilets mainly because they help conserve water,” interior designer Harry Heissmann said. “It is a matter of client’s preference if they want to live with them or not. It may seem slightly futuristic right now, but ultimately we’ll probably all have one.”

New toilets use significantly less water when flushing than old ones, but new flushing technology makes it even easier to save water. Many toilets today offer dual-flush technology, which allows you to choose between a partial eco-flush, or a full flush for Image Source: when you need more power. Kohler’s WaterSense toilets meet the strict Environmental Protection Agencies flushing guidelines, which require them to use at least 20 percent less water than 1.6-gallon toilets.

Try new tech

“I truly feel that the toilet selection is a very personal affair, so I usually convince clients to carefully consider all the available features,” Heissmann said. “If in doubt, it is a good idea to visit the Kohler Experience Center [or your closest showroom] and try out the different options.”


New intelligent toilets can completely transform your bathroom experience. Toilets like Kohler’s Karing have a futuristic design along with cutting-edge technology. Many of these smart toilets come equipped with heated seats, warm water cleansing and air-dryers that can be programed on a touchscreen remote control to fit you and your partner’s personal settings. They also come with a nightlight, for those late night trips to the bathroom, and hands-free opening and closing.

To make life even easier, models like the Veil even offer a self-cleaning option through a stainless steel cleansing wand with UV light sanitation. The Numi offers the ultimate spa-like experience with tranquil ambient lighting and bluetooth speakers for streaming your favorite tunes.


“Toilet design and function has truly come a long way and it's evolving all the time,” Kelly said. From sustainable functionality to luxurious comforts, the right toilet can take your bathroom from basic to spa-like. ” It’s not just a toilet anymore—there are now toilets to truly fit every need.”