What do you think of when you hear the word “bidet”? Even if you’ve never used one personally, you probably have an image in mind or know someone who’s told you about their experience. Outside the U.S., bidets have been commonplace for decades (and even centuries). But with new ideas and advances in technology, there’s now more than one way to bidet — including bidet seats that quickly and easily attach to most existing toilets. This elevated cleansing functionality comes in all styles and is more accessible than you’d think. So which option is right for you?


A simple upgrade.
Are you starting to feel bidet-curious? Adding cleansing features to your space can be as simple as changing out your toilet seat. Manual bidet seats attach directly to your toilet, requiring nothing more than a screwdriver and a wrench to install. All controls are conveniently located on the side of the seat, allowing you to choose the spray position and adjust the pressure using water straight from your home’s supply line. Even better news? After each use, the seat’s spray wand automatically cleans itself.


Go big on comfort.
Clean is only the beginning. Using electrical power, this more advanced tier of bidet seats lets you personalize everything from water temperature to seat warmth, in addition to spray position and pressure. Certain models even include warm-air drying and automatic deodorization, providing the ultimate in comfort and convenience. And this class of bidet seat uses exclusive UV-sanitization technology to deliver additional unmatched cleansing once every 24 hours. Control and customize everything from the seat’s convenient side panel or wall-mounted remote, depending on the model.


Genius-level intelligence.
These toilets are called intelligent for a reason. Combining the latest technology, comfort features and options for personalization, KOHLER intelligent toilets bring the bidet and toilet together in one exquisitely designed fixture. Every model offers all the best functionality from our bidet seats, plus no-touch seat operation and automatic flushing to help prevent the spread of germs (and provide a little wow factor along the way). Choose from a range of versatile styles to fit your space, each one providing comfort, convenience and a cleaner level of clean.


Meet the original.
With origins in 17th century France, traditional bidets have been around almost as long as the old standby, the flushing toilet. While popularity has increased and been adopted by many parts of the world, the basics have remained the same. The simple technology uses a water stream to help you feel cleaner after using the bathroom while also helping to conserve toilet tissue. A standalone fixture separate from the toilet, the classic bidet is the perfect choice for more spacious bathroom setups or for those who prefer a more traditional style.

The bidet may not be new, but your options for bidet-style cleansing are expanding every day. If you’re interested in further guidance, our Bathroom Design Service team can help you design your ideal bathroom from the comfort of your home.