BIT BY BIT // Routines are built from simple, daily tasks. They offer structure to our days and a sense of order in our schedules. But when we bring more intent and purpose to these everyday moments, our routines take on an elevated nature and can help create more meaningful experiences. The best routines can help improve your organization, your health, the cleanliness of your home and how you use your time. Let’s go beyond your daily checklist and look at ways to help you build more organized, efficient and meaningful days.


BUT FIRST, COFFEE // You might be the fresh-ground, French-press type. Or a loose-leaf steeper, a straight-up cold brewer, or maybe you’re the fill-the-pot-and-keep-it-hot type. Regardless of your style, making your morning coffee or tea is a great place to start adding intention to your day. The best coffee and tea experiences start with high-quality water, and with an Aquifer® filtration system, you can enjoy H20 that has had many common contaminants and impurities removed. Continue to break out of your typical routine and into a fun and efficient practice with a touchless, voice-controlled KOHLER Konnect® faucet. Place your coffee pot or tea kettle in the sink the night before, and then use voice commands to tell your faucet to fill with water to jumpstart your morning. If using your voice and breaking the quiet of the early hours isn’t your thing, just use the touchless feature to make the process as clean and frictionless as possible.


A BETTER NEXT STEP // This portion of your morning schedule can be a more enjoyable and elevated experience when you add the cleansing benefits of a bidet seat. Not only will you experience a cleaner level of clean, but you’ll also be able to use less tissue. For the next level of cleanliness, consider self-cleaning toilets that use an innovative in-tank system to make your toilet cleaner by the flush. And for the ultimate in clean, consider intelligent toilets with touchless features, built-in bidet functionality, heated seats and personalized settings.


BREAK A SWEAT // Including exercise in your morning routine is a great way to establish positive momentum, but some days it just isn’t in the cards. Either way, what if you turned your shower routine into a healthier, more relaxing experience? A steam shower can help you sweat out toxins, reduce stress, improve your skin and energize your mind. And KOHLER DTV+™ digital showers allow you to control your water temperature with the touch of a button or even your voice. And if you’re feeling brave, you might even try ending your shower with a cold-water rinse in order to enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits.


CLEAN COUNTER, CLEAR MIND // Ah, the bliss of a well-organized space. Declutter and de-stress with the help of a medicine cabinet that optimizes storage space for items in a variety of sizes and configurations. Other storage solutions include vanities and vanity accessories which keep every little thing in its place. When you’re organized, your routine is naturally more efficient, and smart storage solutions can help you get where you need to go.


PUT ON YOUR GAME FACE // Morning mirror time can be so much more. Adding music or your favorite podcast can boost your attitude and set the tone for the day. Verdera® Voice features a personal assistant built into your mirror to help you optimize your time in a more efficient way. Go hands-free and use your voice to cue up your morning anthem, check the weather, traffic or the news. Add Bente™ countertop accessories to organize your most-used items and keep them within arm’s reach for easy access.


MAXIMIZE MEAL PREP // The difference between making your lunch (mundane) and crafting your meal (master chef) really comes down to attitude and the right equipment. Chop, clean, dice and drain like a boss with an optimized sink like Prolific® combined with helpful kitchen accessories, including perfectly integrated cutting boards, containers and colanders. Maximize space and minimize mess while you prep, cook and clean like a pro.


TIME TO UNWIND // After a long day (or a short one, no judgment here), nothing beats a relaxing bath to help you decompress and get you prepared for a great night’s sleep. Creating a better routine around bath time lets your body and mind know that it’s time to wind down. Incorporate aromatic accessories to fill the air as you fill your bath, and bring a book or magazine instead of your phone or tablet for a more relaxing experience. Be mindful and intentional with your soak, cleansing and rinse times, and take advantage of all the benefits a restorative bathing experience has to offer.


BUILDING A BETTER ROUTINE? // Our product experts and designers can help you plan and optimize your spaces for efficiency, functionality and cleanliness. Learn more about our Bathroom Design Service and explore how we can help you achieve the design you envision.