When it comes to treating yourself, you shouldn’t overlook your bathroom as a place to indulge.

It might be a small room, but it’s one of the most important spaces in your house. And we truly spend a lot of our time there — a recent study found that adults spend more than three hours every week in their bathrooms. With the right design choices, your bathroom can serve more than a purely utilitarian purpose — it can be the perfect place to build a sanctuary for yourself and enjoy some well-deserved me time.

Author Kelly Williams Brown knows that allowing yourself time is important to living a well-rounded life. After all, she’s the author of the New York Times bestselling books, “Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 535 Easy(ish) Steps” and “Gracious: A Practical Primer On Charm, Tact, And Unsinkable Strength.”

We talked with Brown to gain insight on ways that a bathroom can be a haven and a place where you can recharge to put your best self out into the world.


Thinking about the ambience of your bath time is a great way to begin thinking about your bathroom as a source of refuge. Brown says that she loves taking baths and bathes twice daily as a way to meditate, read and text with friends. For her, baths are therapeutic. “When I get anxious about one thing, then my brain finds other things to get anxious about,” she says.

The KOHLER sôk® Effervescence drop-in bath features 11 Effervescence ports that deliver gentle, caressing bubbles all over your body and a built-in heater, turning your bath into much more than just a place to wash up. It also offers an overflow channel, which provides an infinity pool effect, allowing you to deeply soak your entire body, as well.


Bathing, she says, is a risk-free way to decompress after a long day. No matter when anxiety strikes, “acknowledge that you’re feeling anxious, and then do something that is relaxing. To me, that is to take a bath,” Brown says. “Grab something to read, or your headphones, and text your friends.”


The Easy Fix

“Decor wise, you can really make your bathroom your own without a ton of effort,” Brown says. “I replaced the faucet and my showerhead with gold fixtures. Swapping out a showerhead is one of the very easiest DIY projects, and it pays such dividends.”

KOHLER offers nearly 50 styles of showerheads and handshowers, but if you really want to take your shower to new heights, the customizable DTV+ digital showering experience integrates simplicity with a multisensory spalike atmosphere. By using water, light, sound and steam — all accessible through a touch-screen interface — the DTV+ creates a one-of-a-kind shower experience.


Light It Up

Lighting also goes a long way to influencing your mood. Brown improves her bathroom’s ambience by using a candle to provide a warm glow and a calming scent.

And studies show that your light source’s color and intensity can significantly affect your mood and energy level, and our brains perceive soft, warm light to be cozy and a source of solace.

The sôk® bath system features Chromatherapy lighting that allows you to select a preferred color setting to suit your mood. And the ambient light feature on the Numi® toilet offers seven colors with three programming options to find the right balance for creating a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom.


Get Peace of Mind

A lot can happen with the simple act of washing yourself. Research shows that there is more peace of mind with physical purity. The full suite of features and amenities found on KOHLER®intelligent toilets provides you programmable options for a heated seat, water and warm-air temperature via controls on a touch-screen remote.


Brown finds pleasure in the ritual of her facial routine, “One really important part of my day is putting on my makeup,” she says. “I find that it's a really relaxing, nice time to take 10 minutes at the sink and moisturize my face, brush my teeth — I’m just carefully doing it, and it feels like a really nice way to prepare myself for the day, but in this gentle, pleasant way.”


The Verdera® Voice lighted mirror with built-in Amazon Alexa allows you to adjust brightness levels to appropriately match the activity you’re using it for, such as “makeup mode,” which is ideal for makeup application.

But all that stuff — makeup, in addition to the cotton swabs, flat irons, lotions, hair products and whatever other small bottles find their way into your bathroom — tend to get thrown into any random open drawer. Medicine cabinets are a great way to declutter, and Tailored® vanities offer organization methods, from roll-out appliance organizers to in-drawer electrical outlets.


Come Clean

A bathroom well-used is a bathroom in need of maintenance. According to a recent KOHLER study, 42 percent of consumers say that cleaning their bathroom, specifically the toilet, is one of their most disliked chores. The Corbelle® toilet, outfitted with ContinuousClean technology, relieves this burden by dispensing a toilet-cleaning tablet with every flush. A light on the tank indicates when to replace the tablet.


“Life is busy enough the way it is, so we didn’t want to worry consumers with having to self-regulate and supervise the cleaning mechanism in their toilet tank,” explains Seth Megahan, KOHLER® toilet product manager. “The KOHLER ContinuousClean system works with your choice of cleaning tablet, takes care of dispensing consistent dosages of cleaning agents and tells you when it is time to add a new tablet. Your toilet should work harder for you than you do for it.”

No matter what you do to your bathroom, the point is to make it your own. By making a few choice purchases — no matter the size — when your bathroom reflects you, it becomes your sanctuary.