The kitchen: Where food comes with a side of love. Where great design enhances the flavors of everyday life. Where the perfect sink and faucet make every kitchen task a pleasure. Explore the six collections we created to help inspire the kitchen of your dreams. Discover the freshness of an all-white space, a kitchen that connects with nature, bold color, and more. Along the way, you’ll find distinctive sink and faucet pairings that will work beautifully for the way you cook and the way you live.

The White on White Kitchen

The white on white palette is more popular than ever, especially in the kitchen. Pure and clean, white attracts light, creating a canvas where food provides the color. Whether outfitted with vintage touches or streamlined and sleek, white layered on white is a look that works beautifully for both classic and contemporary styles.

Explore this trend in two white-on-white kitchen styles.

The Smoky Sultry Kitchen

From topaz-hued glass to gleaming copper cookware and accessories, the smoky kitchen look is smoking hot. From the ember hues of warm wood cabinetry to rich charcoal-hued sinks and beyond, this sultry look can come to life with multiple elements or from one great statement piece. Either way, it's a look that's gaining admirers.

Explore this trend in two smoky kitchen styles.

The Black Kitchen

An iconic goes-with-everything neutral that’s long signaled elegance and sophistication in fashion, black is equally at home in the kitchen. There are so many ways to do black: on cabinetry and walls, in countertops and sinks, in any and all combinations. Black and white is a classic pairing that's always in style. And there’s nothing more chic than deep, glossy black with gleaming tile accents.

Explore this trend in two black kitchen styles.

The Pale Neutral Kitchen

Soft, quiet and calming, it seems the pale neutral trend is everywhere right now--including the kitchen. Soft blush hues, greys, and dusky browns show up alone, in layers, or contrasted with bright white. Silver-grey stained woods, pale-neutral paint shades, and cast iron sinks in rich contrasting and complementary colors are the distinctive elements that make up this style.

Explore this trend in two pale neutral kitchen styles.

The Playful Pattern Kitchen

Strong, vibrant patterns are making a big splash these days in fashion, advertising and interiors. From exuberant wallpaper to bold floor tiles and backsplashes, more homeowners are embracing pattern--and the kitchen is no exception. Whether geometric, floral or abstract, the pattern trend follows no rule but one: choose a look you fall hard for and will love living with every day.

Explore this trend in two playful pattern kitchen styles.

The Color Block Kitchen

Street style, public architecture, European fashion runways: All are reveling in bright, joyful color. Interior designers are using it with abandon, fully saturating spaces with a single hue, combining vibrant color with contrasting whites or neutrals, and punctuating spaces with pops of color from the opposite side of the color wheel. Blue is a kitchen favorite, whether it's inhabiting a stately Southern-style space or a sleek and sassy mid-century modern cooking hub.

Explore this trend in two color block kitchen styles.