digital bathroom ideas

When you hear the word “wired” what comes to mind? Your phone, car, TV, watch, fitness band? There’s a good chance your list didn’t include your shower, your bathtub or your toilet. Yet.

As the world continues to churn out amazing technologies one after the other, we are making choices about how best to put those technologies to use in our daily lives. Personalized health and wellness has turned out to be a natural fit.

And where do so many of our daily health and wellness routines take place? That’s right, the bathroom. Technology is enabling experiences that allow us to take what used to be mundane routine tasks and create personalized moments of enhanced wellbeing.

Here are five bathroom ideas, from quick and easy to major remodel, that you can wire your bathroom for health and wellness.

1. Replace your showerhead with a wireless, removable shower speaker.

shower head speaker

Imagine syncing your phone so every time you step into the shower you can listen to just what you need to hear. Maybe it’s a playlist that energizes you for the day or centers you before an important meeting. Each time it’s your choice. Explore showerhead speakers that play music.

2. Swap out your toilet seat, for a bidet toilet seat, to experience a clean beyond clean.

Cleansing bidet toilet seats have a series of features that take a private ritual and make it more comfortable and customized to your individual needs.

bidet toilet seat

With warm water cleansing and warm air drying, cleansing seats offer a great way to try out bidet functionality without investing in a new toilet or adding a separate bidet. Browse cleansing seats with bidet functionality.

3. Let technology turn your bathtub into a spa.

Hydrotherapy bathtubs have evolved well beyond a basic soak. And it’s not just about water any longer. You can trick out your tub with everything from bubbles and heat to sound and color. Champagne-like bubbles; bubbles that surround you; bubbles that target your back, legs or feet; gentle bubbles; or strong massaging bubbles – there are bubbles for everyone.

kohler hydrotherapy bathtub

You can choose one or more hydrotherapy options that use air or sound to massage, soothe, invigorate or relax your body and your mind – all controlled at the touch of button. Add a heated back to keep you warm even longer. Technology allows you to turn what was just a bath into time focused on you and your wellbeing. See hydrotherapies in action.

4. Up your bathroom’s IQ with a smart toilet.

While you may have encountered bidet toilets during hotel stays, smart toilets and everything they afford are fairly new to the home. Intelligent toilets are using technology to bring a different understanding of comfort and cleanliness to your bathroom – one that’s far more attuned to your needs.

kohler smart toilet

Not only do they include cleansing or bidet functionality, but additional features such as automatic flushing, automatic toilet seats, heated seats, nightlights, foot warmers and Bluetooth syncing are also available depending on the model.

Plus, intelligent toilets combine beauty and brains. All functionality is seamlessly integrated into the design of the toilet, so the toilets look as fantastic as they function. Browse intelligent toilets.

5. Make your shower the most inspiring place in your home.

kohler smart shower

Thinking of the shower as an oasis spot, a place to decompress or be rejuvenated, isn’t new. What is new is just how far you can take that notion today. Advanced digital showers can actually bring water, steam, music and light together into one sensory bathroom experience. Beyond that it’s even possible to configure your shower to cycle through spa programs that target different areas of your body with varied water sprays and temperatures. All designed to enhance your health and wellness. Explore digital showering.

Ready to add tech to your bathroom?

If you want to wire your bathroom with these tech ideas, our Bathroom Design Service can help. It’s quick, affordable and allows you to work with a Kohler designer to make your dream bathroom a reality through online personalized meetings.