Spa Nirvana From Your Home

Finding time to reset and recharge is one of the most important things we can do for our physical, mental and spiritual health — and also one of the most difficult. Prioritizing your well-being starts with integrating it into your routines, and one of the best places to practice is the space in our homes that is designed for privacy and self-care — the bathroom.


1 Bathroom, 2 Budgets, Infinite Wow

When it comes to reimagining your bathroom, money isn’t everything—but you will need to determine how much you’re willing to spend. With seemingly countless decisions to be made along the way—from faucets to lighting, fixtures to finishes and more—a budget will serve to keep your pocketbook in line and your eye on the prize.


Build Your Better Routine

BIT BY BIT // Routines are built from simple, daily tasks. They offer structure to our days and a sense of order in our schedules. But when we bring more intent and purpose to these everyday moments, our routines take on an elevated nature and can help create more meaningful experiences. The best routines can help improve your organization, your health, the cleanliness of your home and how you use your time. Let’s go beyond your daily checklist and look at ways to help you build more organized, efficient and meaningful days. BUT FIRST, COFFEE // You might be the fresh-ground, French-press type. Or a loose-leaf steeper, a straight-up cold brewer, or maybe you’re the fill-the-pot-and-keep-it-hot type. Regardless of your style, making your morning coffee...

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