Make Friends with Matte Black

Matte Black is one of those colors that look great in other people’s homes. Or at least it can seem that way. With such a bold and dramatic presence, Matte Black might feel a little intimidating when redesigning your bathroom, especially when there are seemingly safer options like Vibrant® Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome. The reality is, however, that Matte...


Get the Heart of your Home in Shape for the Holidays

They say the kitchen is the heart of your home, and if delicious food and beverages are the lifeblood of a good party, that axiom is never truer than during the holidays. But just like that gym membership you had every intention of using, keeping your home’s center in tip-top shape often takes more time than there is in any...

Home Tour

Southern Charmer

Set within an idyllic new development in Greenville, South Carolina, this Colonial Revival-style home, built by Milestone Homes, appears to be the archetype of traditional southern grace and dignity. Step inside, however, and you’re treated to an experience few in the nineteeth century could even imagine. While the design remains consistent with the exterior and firmly grounded in a traditional aesthetic and color palette, it’s what you don’t see that makes the biggest impression. Integrated throughout, voice-activated smart technology – like the bathroom’s DTV+™ with KOHLER Konnect® shower – provides a personalized environment that responds to and remembers its owners’ preferences. It’s the harmonious marriage of old and new, proving that you don’t have to give up classic style to enjoy modern conveniences.

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