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Timeless design can often feel a bit elusive—something you know when you see, but that can be hard to define and harder still to create. Yet it need not remain a mythical concept that many aim for but few achieve. If anyone has unraveled the mystery of timelessness, it is designer Jean Stoffer and builder Cory Wyma, owner of Kenowa...


Love How You Bake

The best part of baking isn’t necessarily the delicious treats—it can also be a great bonding experience with family or friends. Ensure your kitchen is a recipe for success with a no-fuss touchless faucet and hardy cast-iron sink. By making cleanup easier and the overall experience more efficient, you’re able to focus on what’s really important—like deciding who gets to lick the spoon.


The Beauty in Your Bathroom

What if your bathroom could be more than a space for washing up, more than a start-the-day pitstop, and more than a room for before-bed routines? Your bathroom can be so much more. It can be your wellness room, your bath-time playroom, your home spa, and your solitary sanctuary. Your bathroom can be one of the best places to connect with yourself and your loved ones, and there are countless ways to make your bathroom beautiful.


The Undeniable Importance of Safe Water

SAFE WATER FOR ALL Water is essential for all life. And, at KOHLER, water is essential for everything we do. From water-saving products to life-saving programs, we are developing innovative ways to improve safe-water accessibility, filtration, and conservation around the world. Our commitment is Safe Water for All. The Difference a Shower Can Make The ability to take a shower...

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The Pros Know

Sorting through the buzzwords and hype to find the right toilet for your home can be overwhelming. Who knew there were so many different types of toilets and features to consider? Professional plumbers, that’s who. They’re doing the hands-on work, they see all the brands up close, how each performs, how easy they are to install, and how long they last. And in an April 2020 survey, they overwhelmingly said that they recommend KOHLER® toilets more than any other brand. Check out what some of these plumbers had to say and take a look at some of our favorite toilets.

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