Set Sail with the 2018 San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Serene views of the San Francisco Bay The 2018 San Francisco Decorator Showcase landed in the Marina District not with a whisper but a clear shout. The eye-catching bullseye mural on the exterior of this 1930s Spanish Revival home practically beckons passerby to come explore the wonders that must be waiting inside. This year, dozens of top West Coast designers...

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Playful Powder Room

Designer Scott Sanders set out to create a room tailored enough to be taken seriously but playful enough for a stolen moment away from a party. He leads with a masculine aesthetic by mixing black fixtures with the brushed brass finish of the pinstripe faucet, but the elegance of the materials and surprising pairings lightens the tone. Classic works of fine art and splashes of metallic décor accent the powder room with a wink that lets guests know they can relax and enjoy the moment.

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